Beware Fakes

Beware fakes

Finchley Music SchoolThe genuine Finchley Music School uses this logo.

Its often said that imitation in the sincerest form of flattery.

This can be perfectly true, but when someone blatantly copies your business, its a step too far.

In September 2016 we were informed that another music school had set up only a few hundred yards for us, using the same name!

We investigated further and discovered that this was indeed true - another music school had been set up, on Princes Avenue, Finchley, using our name.

Fake Finchley Music School

The fake Finchley Music School.  

As you can see from the photo, the name displayed is Finchley Music, and they are using an email address very similar to ours, which we found out when an email they sent out was forwarded to us.

In the email they were even more brazen than on the sign, stating that they are Finchley Music School.

Their actions are known as Passing Off, when someone deliberately pretends to be someone else for their own advantage, to the disadvantage of the other party. And its illegal.

Fake Finchley Music School

So they changed things!.  

As you might expect, this matter is now in the hands of our lawyers. Meanwhile, please stick with us, the original, genuine Finchley Music School.