Guitar Lessons for everyone

Our Classes

Young Guitar course

Young Guitar has been created to cater for the younger student, from age 5 to 7.

To cater for little fingers, the lessons use half or three-quarter size guitars, especially designed for this age group.

The music used is from Alfred Publications, written especially for this age group.

Play Guitar

Play Guitar is rock and pop-based, while including elements of jazz and blues/.

Perfectly suited to any aspiring guitarist from the age of 8 upwards, lessons are taught on electric and electro-acoustic instruments.

Classes contain typically 6 students so there will always be a chance to play as a group to complement solo work.

Not only does the course material cover a broad range of skills and techniques, it also fully supports music in the National Curriculum so you can learn while having fun!

Play Guitar also teaches general music and guitar-specific notation and theory.

It even covers technical issues such as how to correctly set-up and maintain an instrument, and how to use instrument tone controls, effects and amplifier controls to recreate the sounds of guitar legends. The course material includes great music, covering the major milestones in popular guitar styles.

Swap your air-guitar for the real thing - now!

Bass Guitar

For those who want to go low, we have Bass Guitar lessons available.

These are often taught as one to one lessons, as there isn't quite the same interest in the Bass Guitar as regular guitars.

 There are loads of bands crying out for Bass Guitar, so why not give it a try? You never know where it might lead!

Who are the classes for?


Beginners would normally join when a new class starts. All new classes are for designed for beginners, of whatever age. To start the musical journey, why not check out the Three Steps to Learning?


If someone has been playing for a while, they can join an existing class - we'll arrange for an assessment with one of the teachers to see what would be best.

To find out more, why not check out our section for Non-Beginners?