Piano, Guitar and Violin.

Which to choose?

It can be difficult knowing which instrument to choose. There are so many things to consider. The size of the instrument. The effort needed to learn. The physical dexterity needed to play.

That's why we offer free taster lessons for people to try. And when they come along, they'll see that we teach in groups. We do this for several reasons.

  • Relevance
    • In the real world of music, most musicians play in groups - anything from a small band to a huge Orchestra.
    • Learning in a group gives that something of that experience.
  • Effective Teaching
    • Group teaching is only effective if given by teachers who have been especially trained.
    • Imagine if a child joined a primary school that used untrained teachers?
    • All the teachers at Finchley Music School are fully trained.
  • Planned lessons
    • A group lesson needs to be fully planned.
    • In this way, teachers can make the most of each lesson.

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