For Pupils who already play

We often have people who been learning come to us for lessons. The reasons vary; they may have recently moved to the area, they are looking for a different approach to a dull one to one lesson, or they are dissatisfied with the current teacher.

Whatever the reason, we may be able to provide just the lesson that you are looking for.


Step one: Have an assessment

Prospective pupils are invited to meet one of the teachers for an assessment. Assessments are designed so that a teacher can meet a pupil and get an idea of where they are up to in their playing.

They will run through some exercises and ask the pupil to play something that they have been working on.

The teacher will also check the pupils musical knowledge, as it is quite amazing that so many pupils can play quite well, but have been taught "parrot fashion", where the teacher has simply shown them what to do and the pupil has copied with no real understanding.

When this happens, the pupil will have little idea of what the music written on the page actually means.

Following the assessment, if the teacher feels that there is a suitable class, the teacher will suggest that the pupil attends the class to try it out:

Step Two: Try a regular class

Trying out a regular class will give the pupil an idea of how the lessons work. It can be quite daunting as the class will be working on some material which they know well, which the new pupil won't.

If needed, the teacher will offer extra coaching to bring the pupil up to the standard of the rest of the class.

There is no charge for this lesson, as we want all pupils to feel comfortable before starting regular lessons.

Step Three: Start Regular Lessons

By now you should be sure that:

  • You are confident of your child’s interest in music tuition.

  • You have somewhere for the pupil to practice – ideally, away from the rest of the family.

  • You can ensure daily practice.

  • You can support your child by providing the time and encouragement they will need.

  • You can ensure that lessons are not missed.

  • You have budgeted for the lesson fees, which are £18 per lesson, payable by Direct Debit.

  • You realize that having lessons is a commitment and that you can only stop at the end of a term or half term, subject to giving 5 weeks written notice. Please check out the Terms and Conditions.

Take the next step

If this sounds like something that may be of interest, please get in touch. We'll contact you to arrange a convenient time for an assessment.