Key Dates

Info about our school dates: 

Term Dates

We follow the dates of local schools as much as possible.

Note that for Saturday classes the teachers usually hold ONE Saturday class during half terms, etc.

If you contact teachers during holiday periods, they will get back to you as soon as possible after the start of the next session and the office will pass on any messages. You can always phone to listen to a recorded message with the latest holiday dates.


Direct Debits

Fees are charged half-termly by Direct Debit.

Payments are collected on or shortly after the second Friday of each half-term.

Stopping Lessons

If you want to stop lessons, you need to give Notice.

You can do stop only at the end of term or a half term.

This arrangement will be subject to us receiving no less than FIVE WEEKS’ NOTICE – that is, you must tell us formally, by email or letter, of your decision to leave at least five weeks before end of a term or half-term

Where the term or half term is less than 5 weeks, you need to give notice no later than the first day of that term or half term.

It is not possible to stop lessons part-way through term time, except at the half term holiday.

To avoid any confusion, we provide a list of cut off dates by which we need to receive notice.