Piano Lessons for Everyone

The Lessons

Junior Piano

For students who begin playing at age 6 and 7.

Lessons are carefully structured to suit this age group.

Note reading and a thorough grounding of musical knowledge are crucial to progress, which is very much part of the study.

Before long students will be able to take their first exams, if they wish.

Later Beginners

For children age 8 to 12, these lessons use the same ideas incorporated in the other courses, again with an approach suited to this older age range.

By this age, students normally progress at a faster rate than the junior classes, and the material and approach reflect this, using books from the Alfred Publications Later Beginner series.

Teens and Adults

It's never too late to learn!

For teens and adults wishing to play for the first time, and those wishing to return to playing, we have classes catering for these ages.

A word of caution! Many adults like the idea of playing but can't commit to the time it takes to do well. So if you are thinking of learning to play, think about the commitment that learning will mean and whether you will be able to make that commitment. If you can, then just get in touch!

And, if you have a youngster, you can help them play too.

WHo are the lessons for?


Beginners can start at any time, subject to availability. To start the musical journey, why not get in touch?


If someone has been playing for a while, just get in touch.

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The Teacher

Andrew Smith

Not only can pupils be anywhere in the world, so can teachers. Andrew Smith is co-owner of one of our partner Music Schools, Altrincham Music School. A very experienced teacher and examiner, we brings a wealth of practical experience.

Andrew teaches online, or face to face for pupils on the Altrncham area.

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