Violin Lessons for everyone

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Young Violin

Young Violin has been created to cater for the younger student, from age 5 to 6.

To cater for little fingers, the lessons use half or three quarter size violins, especially designed for this age group.


Play Violin is aimed at the slightly older student, with a pace to the lesson geared towards this particular age group.

Lessons are still taught of half or three quarter sized violins, which suit this age group

Classes contain typically 6 students so there will always be a chance to play as a group to complement solo work.

Not only does the course material cover a broad range of skills and techniques, it also fully supports music in the National Curriculum so you can learn while having fun!

Play Violin also teaches general music notation and theory.

Who are the classes for?


Beginners would normally join when a new class starts. All new classes are for designed for beginners, of whatever age. To start the musical journey, why not check out the Three Steps to Learning?