Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet

The Instruments


For younger beginners, a light weight Trevor James Alpha sax means children can begin to play the saxophone from age 7/8. It is then a smooth transition onto a full-size alto saxophone once the child is strong enough to support it on a neck strap.

Abracadabra tutor book is used for younger beginners, with Saxophone Basics used for older children and adults. Both books give a firm foundation in musical knowledge and excellent tuition in how to play the saxophone, leading comfortably onto the Trinity exam syllabus.

Both Classical and jazz syllabuses are offered, and learning to play improvisation is very much encouraged!



Clarinet lessons begin from age 7/8 and upwards, depending on the size of the pupil.

Depending on the age of the pupil, the tutor books used are Abracadabra for younger children and Clarinet Basics for older children and adults are used. Both give a firm grounding in musical knowledge and an excellent foundation in learning to play the clarinet.


The flute is a great instrument to play, even from an early age. Young beginners can learn on a flute with a specially designed curved head joint (the bit you blow into), making the instrument shorter - ideal for the shorter arms of a young musician. A curved head flute means children can begin learning to play the flute from the age of 6/7.

Once they have grown tall enough it is a straightforward move onto the regular straight head joint, usually after 2/3 years.

Tutor books are chosen from Abracadabra or Flute Basics, depending on the age of the pupil. Both books help to form a strong knowledge of the basics of music, and excellent instruction in playing the flute, with guidance and support from the experienced teacher. After a year or so, it is then a smooth transition onto the Trinity exam syllabus.

Finding an Instrument

Good teachers always help in sourcing an instrument. Once a pupil has decided what they would like to play, the teacher can advise on the purchase or hire of a suitable instrument.

Who are the lessons for?


Beginners can start at any time, subject to availability. To start the musical journey, why not get in touch?


If someone has been playing for a while, just get in touch.

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The Teacher

Laura McGinity

Not only can pupils be anywhere in the world, so can teachers. Laura McGinity set up the school back in 2006 with husband Chris, and is an established teacher and performer with a wealth of experience.

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