For Beginners

We aim to offer the best lessons we can. But music lessons are not for everyone, so we want to make sure that we have given you every opportunity to see what we do at the school. Whether a beginner or someone who has already been playing, we would very much like to invite you along to meet us.

Three Steps to Learning

Step one: Have a Free Taster Lesson

Taster lessons are designed for BEGINNERS to try a class:

  • Each session comprises part of the first lesson that a pupil can expect if they were to attend regular classes.

  • They provide an opportunity to see how the lessons are run.

  • You will see the content of a typical lesson and meet the teacher.

  • You can ask questions of the teacher and other staff at the school.

Following the free taster lessons, we offer special 2 week short courses for prospective pupils. These short courses are designed to help you decide if music lessons are going to be the right choice for you and your family:

Step Two: Attend a Short Course

 These are designed to give you a longer opportunity to try lessons before making a longer term commitment:

  • Each Short Course comprises two lessons, each an hour long, on the same day and at the same time as the regular lessons.

  • There’s no need to have a musical instrument at home.

  • There’s no need to buy any music.

  • There’s a reduced price of £20 for the two lessons (£10 each.)

  • There’s no long term commitment beyond the two lessons.

Short Courses start soon after the taster session.

After the Short Course, we hope the pupil will be ready for Regular Lessons:

Step Three: Start Regular Lessons

By now you should be sure that:

  • You are confident of your child’s interest in music tuition.

  • You have an instrument (or will get one, if needed).

  • You have somewhere for the pupil to practice – ideally, away from the rest of the family.

  • You can ensure daily practice.

  • You can support your child by providing the time and encouragement they will need.

  • You can ensure that lessons are not missed.

  • You have budgeted for the lesson fees, which are £18 per lesson, payable by Direct Debit.

  • You realize that having lessons is a commitment and that you can only stop at the end of a term or half term, subject to giving 5 weeks written notice. Please check out the Terms and Conditions.

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